Hey, is this thing on?

I have migrated the website and blog yet again. The previous server was simply too damned expensive for the value it provided, so here we are elsewhere, again!

New headshot too! Thanks, Tabetha Hedrick!

While I am still all about the yarn and related crafts, I have also been expanding my publishing horizons into sewing and general craft – in fact my next book is about sewing and I seriously cannot wait to show it to you. Sometime in May, I expect.

While for the longest time one was either a capital K Knitter or a capital C crocheter – or Spinner, or Scrapbooker or whatever else was the craft of choice, I feel like we as a community are finally moving back towards the idea that different people might want to enjoy different crafts at different times. So I am not planning on limiting myself any more, as to which crafts I post here. My plan is to do what I do, post what I post, and trust my readers are smart enough to skip over the parts that don’t interest them without being offended that I have strayed off the One True Path of alpaca, or whatever. We shall see how it goes!

Here are my two most recent releases, the Transition Shawl to Crochet and the Transition Shawl to Knit. The patterns (and the colorways they show) are available exclusively at Patternworks through 6/16, so get them while they’re hot!

Here is the crochet shawl –

803458__1_Transitions_small_best_fit         803458__2_Transitions_small_best_fit

And here is the knit version –


The yarn is Frolicking Feet Transitions from Done Roving Yarns. The yarn colors come pre-attached and the yarn itself is already wound and in it’s own container. Because of the way the yardages are calculated, when working a shawl top-down and center-out in knit or crochet, you wind up with stripes that are roughly the same size. Most other yarns are divided equally so as the piece gets bigger the stripes get more narrow. Or of course you can stripe something yourself but who needs the ends?

Anyway thanks for stopping by  – more soon!


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