Headed Home!

What an amazing three weeks it has been! Vacation stuff, seeing long time friends I haven’t seen in forever, business trip to England for some shows on Hochanda, and some meetings for some possible new collaborationsMarket Bag - crochet - kit available in three colors and trips!

I am going to torture you one more time about the new kits from Maccaroni Yarn in Turkey. I have some fabulous thing, new products, new patterns, but you can ONLY get them on Hochanda, and ONLY for a limited time – and I am not 100% sure when that limit kicks in! On some items there are only a few left but as of this writing there are at least 5 left of everything. Use this link to get there – http://www.paidonresults.net/c/50366/1/1462/0 – and use the code HOOKED10 for 10% off if you’ve never ordered before.

Ok my flight is about to board – I am finally headed back Stateside. I am going to toss up a few picks if I can, but really, if you want to see these things (and the crochet basket kits are amazing if I do say so myself) it’s now or never.

Water resistant wood based crochet basket kit - so cool!

Don’t forget Getting Loopy is back in its old time slot -Monday nights at 9pm Eastern – starting Monday night March 5! Our first guest back is Linda Dean, wearing her hat as the president of the CGOA (Crochet Guild of America). I look forward to hearing what’s going on there and you should too! And I will try my damnedest to get the chat room open. The show dashboard is very different than it was in the olden days and I am still figuring out which button does what. Search for the new Getting Loopy page on Facebook for more updates as they happen.

Wish me luck – flying has been an adventure this week with all the snow.

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