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3-D Cowl, Finishing Touches KAL 2019

I swear if it wasn’t for KALs/CALs/SALs I would never get anything done! But I am very excited to show you my new knit pattern for the Finishing Touches KAL – #KALCorner on Facebook and Ravelry.

Free knit pattern, 3-D Cowl by Mary Beth Temple/Hooked for Life. Knit in Lion Brand Scarfie. #KALcorner #freeknittingpattern

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I have high hopes that this pattern will get a lot of love because my daughter the fashionable young woman wants to steal it, and that’s an excellent sign!

Knit in one piece, in one skein of Lion Brand (r) Scarfie the fabric looks loose and sloppy when you get started, but some clever finger chaining makes a dense yet lightweight fabric that makes perfect use of the slow color change in the yarn.

3-D Knit Cowl on Hooked for Life Publishing before finger chaining process


300 yds bulky weight yarn (CYCA 5, Bulky) I used 1 skein Lion Brand (r) Scarfie in the Oxford/Claret colorway but of course you can use any color you like!

Size US 10/6.00mm needles or size suitable for a bulky weight yarn. Gauge is not critical for this cowl but you don’t want the fabric to be too dense.

Note: I used a cursive e cast-on where required as it seems the easiest one to use. See the video for more help if you need it.

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Cast on 58 sts.

Row 1 (RS): K6, p12, (k5, p12) twice, k6.

Row 2: Knit.

Rows 3 – 4: Rep Rows 1 – 2.

Row 5: K6, bind off 12 purlwise, (k4, bind off 12 purlwise) twice, k5. 22 sts

Row 6: K6, cast on 12, (k5, cast on 12) twice, k6. 58 sts

Rep Rows 1 – 6 for pattern until yarn is almost gone, or you have reached desired length, ending with a Row 5.

Short Strips:

Strip One:

Set up Row (WS): K6, cast on 12. Set remaining stitches aside. 18 sts

Rep Rows 1 – 4 of Cowl. Bind off purlwise for the st st section and knitwise for the garter stitch section.

Strips Two and Three:

Set up Row (WS): K 5, cast on 12. Set remaining sts aside. 17 sts

Rep instructions for Strip One.

Second border:

On remaining 6 sts knit 5 rows. Bind off knitwise.

Finger Chaining:

With RS of the work facing you, beginning at the cast-on edge of the fabric and the right hand column of strips, pull the second strip under the first strip, forming a loop. Moving towards the top of the work, pull next strip through the loop, continuing until only the short strips are left. Repeat for center and left-hand columns of strips.

The video really does help here!

Attach Final Strips:

For each column, bring the unattached strip up through the last loop, insert it left to right under the two legs of the very first strip, down through the same loop, then pin it to the side to be sewn down later. Once again, the video helps!


Stitch down sides of each of the three unattached strips to their adjacent garter stitch columns.

Sew garter stitch columns together, cast-on to cast-off edge.

Weave in all ends.

Have fun with this pattern and let me know how it goes!

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