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Basket Bases are BACK – for crochet and knit

8" round masonite basket base for crochet, hooked for LifeA while back I had imported some cool circular basket bases that crocheters like to use as the base for crocheted baskets. I sold out all the ones I had and then couldn’t get more – I was sad about that but so were a lot of my customers!

But now they’re back! Slightly different materials but the best thing about the new ones is not only are they Made in the USA, they are made right up the road from me in NC so as I want more, or to commission different shapes, I have a terrific company I can work with.

8” round brushed aluminum basket base for crochet and knitting, available at the shop at

The new bases are available in Masonite (wood) and aluminum. I launched them at the CGOA show in NH last month and got a lot of great comments so here they are online.

Prices are higher here because they include shipping! I have had a heck of a time messing with the shipping on the website so if you want to order multiples, let me know, include your zip code and quantity desired, and I will see if I can get you a better price than ordering one at a time.

The next cool thing about these is that they are both paintable – Here is a photo with a few as-is, and with different paints. The Masonite with spray paint finished matte (cream), the aluminum finished shiny (turquoise), and the chalk paint on Masonite finished satin after the wax top coat was applied (forest green).

Wood and Aluminum round basket bases for crochet and knitting, available from the shop at

There might be other types of paint you can use but these are the ones that gave me the best results!

Let me know what you think! And let me know what other styles/sizes/shapes you might be looking for. I am very excited by the possibilities.

There is a video showing the products up close and talking about the finishes here –

And here is a video showing how to use the bases. It shows the original brand of basket bases but these work the same way!

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  1. I am searching for a slotted round that is about 16″. I am making a laundry basket and am having trouble finding some where to order them. What do you charge for two basket bases that are this size?

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