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Beginner Fisherman’s Rib Knit Scarf

It seems like Fall is finally coming which means Winter won’t be far behind! My niece who goes to school in NYC asked me for an all purpose scarf that wouldn’t be too heavy now, but that she could wrap around her face and neck to keep the wind away. This scarf knits up fast in bulky yarn, is simple enough that even a brand new beginner can knit it, and the density of the fabric makes it light enough to wear now, but wrap it double and its thermal properties activate! It’s also 100% reversible.

By popular request check out its matching hat pattern here – and you can learn this stitch in the round!

fisherman’s rib free knit scarf pattern hooked for life 2

Finished Size: 10″ wide x 76″ long. Fabric is very stretchy so that’s approximate.


400 yds Super Bulky yarn (CYCA 6, Super Bulky). Model made in 1 large skein Bernat Softee Chunky (100% acrylic; 431 yds; 400g) in Grey Ragg

Knitting needles size US 11/8.00mm or whatever is comfortable for you and makes a pleasing fabric – see gauge note below.

Gauge: Approximately 8 sts x 6 rows = 4″ in Fisherman’s Rib. Gauge is not critical for this pattern.

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K – knit

K1b – knit 1 below – form the knit stitch as usual except instead of inserting your right-hand (for right-handed knitters, left-hand for left-handed knitters) tip into the front leg of the stitch on the opposite needle as usual, insert it into the center of the stitch below. See photos and video for additional help.

fisherman’s rib free knit scarf pattern hooked for life 1



To adjust the width of the scarf if desired, make sure you have an odd number of stitches and cast on fewer for a more narrow scarf, more for a wider scarf.

You can make a less airy variation by following the rib directions on alternate rows and knitting alternate rows. So: rib one row, knit one row, rib one row, etc. It will still be pretty on both sides but not identical.


Cast on 21 sts.

Knit 5 more rows for a total of 3 garter stitch ridges for border.

Row 1: K3, p1, *k1b, p1. Rep from * across until 3 sts remain, k3.

Row 2: K3, k1b, *p1, k1b. Rep from * across until 3 sts remain, k3.

That’s all there is to it! Rep Rows 1 -2 until you reach the length you want, almost run out of yarn, or get bored 🙂

For the second border k 6 rows and bind off.


Weave in all ends.

Hope you loved this pattern and learned a new stitch – stay warm!

10 thoughts on “Beginner Fisherman’s Rib Knit Scarf”

  1. I would like to knit his scarf without the garter edge at the bottom or the sides.

    I would like it to be borderless. Would this cause curling?

  2. I love this pattern. Made a scarf as a gift and now want to make a blanket/throw for myself. In your video you indicated can be made in any size – just cast on an odd number of stitches. In the comments of the video you say to use an even number. Is that difference because of the size of the item?

    1. I am just wondering something…in the first part of the video, you say to knit 5 rows all the way across then later in the video when finishing the scarf you say to knit 6 rows across then bind off. Is this correct? Why six at the end and not five? Thank you for this lovely pattern. I am just picking knitting back up after putting it aside for a few years due to an injury. This is a nice one to get back into the ‘swing’ of it, I am knitting it for a friend. 😉

      1. When you start with a long-tail cast-on, as I did, the cast-on counts as the first knit row. So to get six I only need five more.

        At the other end, sometimes depending on the stitch pattern I need an extra row to transition from the stitch pattern to a garter stitch cleanly.

        Those are the two most common reasons the beginning and the end of any given knit pattern don’t have an equal number of border rows.

        Thanks – MBT

  3. I absolutely LOVE this scarf…had to rewind and watch several times for the knit into the lower hole because I’d never done that but after 3-4 rows I got it and I could actually do it well! I want to make a wider shawl scarf next with pockets . I looked at many crocheted ones but they all start out long ways with about 200 crochets, with this scarf with the ribbing on the bottom and sides you can just widen it and make it the length you need then do matching pockets…LOVE THIS! Thanks !!!

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