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Rustic Flannel Christmas Tree Ornament to Sew

I started upcycling flannel shirts recently and I just can’t seem to stop! I have made tote bags, cuff bracelets, and hairbands, and today when I wanted to create a project to help my good friends at Fairfield celebrate their 80th birthday, this little Christmas tree looked like a great use of a random sleeve!


Flannel fabric for tree. I used the sleeve of an upcycled shirt, otherwise you could use a fat quarter or even 1/4 yard of flannel fabric.

Small bag Poly-fil Premium Polyester Fiber Fill

1 1/4 yds small ric rac or other tiny trim for garland.

Pattern – click here for downloadable PDF

Sewing machine and hand sewing needle.

Coordinating thread for fabric and for trimming

Prep your fabric (I wash and dry upcycled garments for the sake of cleanliness), fold in half.

Pin pattern into place and cut out – you will need two pieces total!

Pin ric rac into place onto right sides of fabric, mirroring orientation.

Topstitch into place using a narrow zigzag stitch.

Cut an 8” loop of ric rac to use as a hanger, fold it in half and place it between the two embellished Christmas trees, right sides facing each other, raw edges matching.

Top stitch all the way around Christmas tree EXCEPT leave the lower edge of one of the bottom branches open for turning and stuffing.

Clip corners and turn right side out.

Stuff with Poly Fil, using their pushing tool if needed to make sure stuff gets into all the points.

Fold in raw edges of opening on bottom branch and whip stitch closed.

Tada! All done!

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