Quickly Refresh Your Knitting Skills with Videos from Tangi!

Have you all heard about Tangi? It’s a platform for short videos on all kinds of DIY topics and a lot of the yarnie bloggers you know and love are there – including me! And using their short format, you can easily learn to knit, or refresh your dormant knitting skills without spending a whole lot of your hard won free time.

If you check it out I would appreciate a follow please!

One of the things I appreciate about the format is that all the videos are less than 2 minutes each, and most are under 60 seconds. If you are a visual learner you could learn to knit from my videos (or learn other things from me and from other folks!), and if all you need is a quick visual refresher because you learned to knit in the distant or not so distant past, these short and to the point videos might be all you need – and save you weeding through two million longer-than-you-need videos on YouTube.

Tangi is a project from Area 120, an in-house business incubator at Google.

So here are a few of the videos I made for the platform – if you love this format feel free to check out Tangi, and please give me a follow if you do!

Let’s start with the long-tail cast-on –

Next let’s look at the knit stitch, and the purl stitch.

And now a bind-off!