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Easy to Sew Reversible Baby Bibs

These are so simple to make you will find yourself making a stack of them for the smaller people in your life, or to take to showers as gifts, or even donations. The free downloadable PDF is available in two sizes to fit everyone on your list! This pattern is part of the Baby SAL co-sponsored by Underground Crafter.

Finished Sizes: Small – 9.5” wide x 11.5” tall, Large – 12” wide x 15” tall

Note: 1/2” seam allowance included in pattern


Two coordinating print cotton fabric pieces, 10 1/2” x 12 1/2” for Small, 13” x 16” for Large

Lightweight cotton batting or cotton terry cloth for interfacing. Bibs can be made without it but to keep baby’s outfit clean having something that will absorb dampness is a great idea!

Coordinating sewing thread

Straight pins

VELCRO (r) brand Sleek and Thin Sew on Low Profile Fastener – this is the first time I have used this product and it’s great for baby things because it doesn’t add bulk, and it’s softer if it brushes against baby’s skin.

PDF pattern – sizes laid out separately so download either or both

After you have printed your pattern PDF, cut out the pieces and tape together. When the parts are properly aligned you will see hearts crossing the cut lines! If you don’t see heart you are probably misaligning the pieces.


From your assembled pattern, cut out 2 pieces total of your cotton fabric – 1 in each print – and 1 out of the batting.

Pin all three pieces together with the right sides of the cotton fabrics facing each other.

Beginning about 3” below the top right tab, using a 1/2” seam allowance, sew up and around the tab, around the neckline, across the other tab, and all the way around the main bib piece, ending 3” – 4” before where you began. This opening is where you will turn your bib right side out.

Clip the curves, and across each tab corner to ensure the piece will lay flat.

Turn right side out, by pulling the fabric through the opening, grasping the fabric between the two cotton layers so the batting is enclosed. Use a point turner or other dull pointed object to make sure the tab corners are all the way pushed out.


Turn under all layers in the opening, pin into place, and press.

Top stitch 1/4” from outer edge, all the way around, closing up the opening as you pass it.

Cut a piece of both sides of the VELCRO the height of your tab top.

Overlap one tab over the other, pin VELCRO into place, and topstitch it down.

All finished!

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