New Bundle Sale – Crochet for Me LACE and Knit for Me LACE

Marie from Underground Crafter and I are back at it again with a new bundle for Spring – the Crochet and Knit for Me Lace bundles!

Crochet for Me Lace Bundle – 46 patterns from 34 designers!

The Knit for Me Lace bundle has 33 patterns from 19 Indie designers and has a really nice selection of Spring and Summer tops and shawls, plus mitts, bags, and a hat. The knit bundle alone is $17. That’s less than 52 cents per pattern!

The Crochet for Me Bundle has 46 patterns from 34 designers, and as you can see in the photo collage above has a little but of everything in it. The Crochet for Me Bundle along is $25 – less than 55 cents per pattern.

Of course you can always get both together for the incredible value price of $35 – that is 79 total patterns at less than 44 cents each!

In the Crochet for Me Lace Bundle I have included my recent favorite, the Summer of Love Shawl. It is a circular shawl, crocheted from the center out in a laceweight yarn, and embellished with hundreds of seed beads.

In the Knit for Me Bundle, I have included the Plaits and Lace Vest. This was originally a cover project for The Knitter magazine, called Lake of the Woods. But whatever you call it it’s a fun lace repeat that is easy to learn, and the deep V and split hem embellished with braided cables make it a very flattering accent piece for a lot of body types.

If you are still reading a couple of other points! One is, because this is not produced by a giant publisher the money you spend with us stays in the independent design community. You are putting your dollars to work to support the designers you love.

Second – the are not free patterns that you can find on people’s blogs – none of these 70+ patterns are offered for free at this time!

Last – we aren’t kidding about the end date. This offer will neither be extended nor repeated.

So thanks as always for your support – and check out these cold bundles!

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