First Round-Up of June: 20+ Crochet Patterns to Make Life Beautiful!

Hello! This post will be a little different than some for a few reasons so let’s just jump into it.

  1. The one writing this right now is NOT actually Mary Beth Temple. Hi, my name is Alysha and I am the official social media manager for Hooked For Life Publishing! I’ve been working for Mary Beth since October of last year and I think it might be time to introduce myself, so hello everyone! While Mary Beth handles all the crocheting and knitting and sewing, I’ve been behind the scenes keeping her social media up to date with all of her projects. Do you follow us yet on Instagram and Facebook? If not, take a second to go follow!
  2. While I do a bit of writing I am actually completely new to blogging so I do hope you’ll bear with me on that one.
  3. This is the first round-up post (I think) that has been up on the H4L blog! (How exciting?!)

So, you might be thinking at this point (or you might not), what IS a round-up post? A round-up post is a way that creators can, for lack of better terms, round up different patterns and projects and compile them all together into one place. It’s a perfect way to shout out to other creators, share others’ work, and really showcase other creators in the knitting/crocheting/sewing community.

If you knew that going into this post, great! We’re on the same page. If not, well now you learned something new and I hope you enjoy these types of posts because we plan on having a lot more of them!

When we first started talking about what types of projects to round up, we came up with the idea of using a calendar. Not just any calendar mind you, but the national calendars that have all the wacky “holidays” on them that sound made up. You’d be surprised how many there are for almost every single day of the year and some days have multiple! So we chose a few that looked fun to us and got to work collecting patterns and projects from fellow knitters and crocheters. Some of the patterns below will be free patterns and others won’t be so keep that in mind as you’re choosing which one to be your next project!

Without further ado, I give you our first round up for June (which actually is kind of a two parter when you think about it):

June 11th is National Make Life Beautiful Day! Here are 20+ crochet patterns to brighten things up and add a bit of serotonin to your life! Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Sunshine Iced Coffee Cozy by Avery Lane Creations – Free Crochet Pattern

The Sunshine Iced Coffee Cup Cozy crochet pattern is perfect for summertime and your ice cold drinks.

Sunshine Mug Rug by Avery Lane Creations – Free Crochet Pattern

How cute is it?! Also it’s just fun to say “mug rug” 🙂

Tillandsia Garden Hanger by Through The Loop Yarn Craft – Free Crochet Pattern

Perfect for hanging air plants!

Lotte Lace Crochet Corner Bookmark by Blue Star Crochet – Free Crochet Pattern

What a dainty way to keep your spot while reading. Definitely putting this on the gift list for my bookworm friends!

The Vintage Star Join as you go Crochet Squares by Blue Star Crochet – Free Crochet Pattern

These delicate lacy crochet squares use the join as you go technique so you don’t have to make a pile of squares!

Quick and Easy Crochet Washcloth by Blue Star Crochet – Free Crochet Pattern

Sometimes all you need is a quick and easy crochet washcloth pattern!

Heart Coaster by Hooked On Patterns – Free Crochet Pattern

How cute is this?!

Mandala Coasters by Hooked on Patterns – Free Crochet Pattern

The carefree happy effect of this mandala style coaster works best with random mixes of colours, which is why it’s perfect for leftover scraps of yarn.

Boho Star Crochet Wall Hanging by Nine Inspired – Free Crochet Pattern

Great for those “free spirit” types!

Monstera Leaf Crochet Mug Rug by The Loopy Lamb – Free Crochet Pattern

Another mug rug to add a bit of fancy to your morning coffee!

Corner to Corner Blanket by The Loopy Lamb – Free Crochet Pattern

You can NEVER have too many blankets!

Flower Field Crochet Wall Art by Golden Lucy Crafts – Free Crochet Pattern

Such a creative way to display crochet work!

Spring Tulips by Golden Lucy Crafts – For Sale Crochet Pattern

These can be used as coasters, table decorations, or even applique for other projects!

Summer Table Setting by Stitch and Hustle – Free Crochet Pattern

The Crochet Pocket Placemat is perfect for everything from outdoor bbq action, picnics and every day dining!

Madhu Blanket by KnitterKnotter – For Sale Crochet Pattern

What a wonderful lap blanket that is full of texture!

Marigold Market Bag by Hooks Books and Wanderlust – Free Crochet Pattern

Just in time for all those wonderful summer farmers markets!

Iris Table Runner by Hooks Books and Wanderlust – Free Crochet Pattern

Something dainty, lacy, and something just really pretty!

Succulent Spring Hexagon Afghan by A Crocheted Simply – Free Crochet Pattern

Such a pretty piece!

Holiday Dress Ornament by Torun Johansson – For Sale Crochet Pattern

Make a cute Santa dress to hang in your Christmas tree or make a row of colorful summer dresses to use as bunting!

Deta’s Bookmark by Torun Johansson – Free Crochet Pattern

Another one for the bookworms out there.

Crochet Flower Heart Wreath by Meladoras Creations

How adorable is this wreath?!

Flower Table Runner by Meladoras Creations

Such a beautiful addition to a home!

Toilet Paper Roll Cover by Meladoras Creations – Free Crochet Pattern

Turn a tacky roll of TP into something cute!

Whew! That was a lot! I do hope you enjoyed this list of 20+ crochet patterns and make one of them your next project. June 11th is Make Life Beautiful Day so do something today to make your life a little more beautiful!

Which one of these projects do you want to make first?! If you make any of these, tell me about it in the comments or on Facebook and Instagram! Be sure to follow all of these amazing creators as well on their social media pages!

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