Getting Started with Knitting and Crocheting: Building Your Yarn Stash and Tools

Alysha here with another blog post that’s for anyone wanting to start out with knitting and crocheting. The craft world is a vast place and that can get a little intimidating both for you and your wallet. If you’re anything like me, you see a thing you like whether it be a show or hobby, and dive headfirst with little to no direction and sorta just figure it out along the way. Now I’m not a knitter or crocheter by ANY means but since helping Mary Beth with her social media, I’ve definitely developed the interest to learn. So, I asked her where to begin and she gave me a few sites and places to start from getting my tools to buying high-quality yarn for any project I might want to take on. Now, of course, this blog post will contain affiliate links, but is it really blogging nowadays if it didn’t? So here’s a quick blog post about Getting Started with Knitting and Crocheting: Building Your Yarn Stash and Tools.

So let’s get started!

Lion Brand Yarn

“My favorite everyday acrylic yarn – Vanna’s Choice from Lion Brand. It’s a great combination of good value and good quality. It comes in a ton of colors, and a portion of the proceeds are donated each year to St Judes Children’s hospital!” – Mary Beth Temple

There are SO many colors to chose from for this yarn and I can’t wait to walk into the craft store and purchase a whole cart full of yarn! You can also order online and each skein is only $4.99.

Cheaper Finds at The Dollar Tree

Another place to find yarn that was a little unexpected is Dollar Tree! I work right next to one so I’m going to be sure to check it out next time I get the chance. They also have crochet hooks and knitting needles!

Dollar Tree has expanded their craft selection AND that you can order online! They even have yarn -and don’t let the price tag fool you, their yarn is from established brands like Premiere and Lion Brand.  – Mary  Beth  Temple

Knit Picks

KnitPicks.com is a one-stop-shop for tools, yarn, lessons, and more PLUS the website is super user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Knitpicks is a great site to find affordable yarns and tools, from name brands you know and also from their own line of products. The Summer Sale is running right now and there are tons of bargains. – Mary  Beth  Temple

Knit Picks Summer Sale: Stock up and save 60% on more than 2000 yarns

What the Heck is Modern Tunisian Crochet?

For those of you who follow Mary Beth, you KNOW she’s written plenty of books. So many of these projects look so cool and cozy and I can’t wait to try them out for myself!

Want to learn Tunisian crochet? Check out my newest book from Leisure Arts – it has a selection of products from home décor to wearables, all at a beginner friendly level.Modern Tunisian Crochet by Mary Beth Temple

Love Crafts

Another easy to navigate website full of yarn to purchase, patterns, and so much more! I can’t wait to delve more into this to start learning knitting and crochet.

And there you have it! A good place to start if you’re just starting out with knitting or crochet. I’m super excited to start learning and I hope this helps you if you’re a beginner like me!

Happy Crafting!

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