Back in the Saddle Again…

Almost a year ago I fled the freelance life and took a corporate job in the craft industry. I moved to the Midwest, started doing the 8 to 5 thing, and cheerfully stopped designing and making videos.

I enjoyed the work, I met nice people, (although I hated the snow – lets be honest I am no longer a winter person after 7 years at the beach!) and I planned to stay until I retired. But the thing is – I had a tough time not working on other projects that looked interesting to me. And eventually someone made me an offer I could not refuse (yes I just re-watched The Godfather series why do you ask?). So I have left the corporate job and am back to the daily hustle of content creation.

It all has its up and down sides. Certainly the benefits were better at the corporation! But it turns out I am always going to be that person that has to try the new thing, see the new platform, figure out new ways to work, videos to plan, designs to stitch. This way, I get to do all that. Just without a 401K!

So – we’re baaaaaaaack. Please get back in the habit of stopping by there to see what is new. And follow me on the other platforms – Instagram TikTok and YouTube especially – I still suck at Facebook!

I am still sometimes confused by my thought process here…

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