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Quick and Easy Round Crochet Christmas Tree Ornaments

What makes these cute cotton ornaments quick and easy? The way I stuff them! Check out this free Christmas crochet ornament pattern. I have discovered that the way to avoid the things I hate about using poly stuffing in crocheted ornaments is to stuff them with slices of pool noodles. Pool noodles can be had in a wide variety of colors and you can get dozens of small ornaments out of one noodle!

Free crochet pattern from Hooked for Life, three round cotton crocheted Christmas tree ornaments
You can even use scraps!

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No matter what stuffing method you choose though, you can bang out several of these in an evening! Use up some worsted weight scrap yarn, or I am working my way through an impulse purchase I made a couple of years ago of a Scheepjes Cahlista Colour Pack (Amazon link)- 109 colors in 15g skeins!

Finished Size:

Approximately 2 1/2” across – depth depends on gauge – mine are just under an inch deep


Small amounts worsted weight yarn in 2 – 3 colors. Models shown in Scheepjes Cahlista (Lovecrafts link)

Crochet hook size F/5/3.75mm or size needed for a firm fabric

Pool noodle and knife you don’t care about, or polyfil stuffing

Special Stitches:

Long tr – long treble: yo 2 times, insert hook in sc in rnd below, yo, draw up a loop, (yo, draw through 2 loops on hook) 3 times.

Pattern Notes:

Ch-3 at beginning of round counts as 1 dc

I am writing the pattern in three colors (A, B, C) to match the video but you can use as many or as few colors as you wish, and change them when you like.

As I say in the video I didn’t go too crazy weaving in ends – they are on the inside of the ornament and will not be seen or have much wear. I just crocheted over tails as I went.

About sizing – gauge is not critical for this pattern, and if you are stuffing them you can just live with whatever size you get. For the pool noodle trick I have discovered that you can accommodate any gauge variance by adjusting how thick you make your slices – larger circle = thicker slice and vice versa.

Materials for free crochet ornament pattern from Hooked for Life.


Sides: Make 2

With A, start with a Magic Ring (preferred) or ch 3, join into a ring with sl st in first ch.

Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in ring, pull tight if working Magic Ring, join with sl st in first sc. Change to B. 6 sc

Rnd 2: With B, ch 3, 2 dc in same st as rnd join, 3 dc in each remaining sc, join with sl st in top of beg-ch. Change to A. 18 dc

Rnd 3: With A, ch 1, sc in same st as rnd join, sc between that st and the next dc, sc in next dc, long tr in first sc of Rnd 1, (sc in next dc, sc between that dc and the next dc, sc in next dc, long tr in next sc of Rnd 1) 5 times, join rnd with sl st in first sc. Change to C. 24 sc

Rnd 4: With C, ch 1, sc in same st as rnd join, 2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 2 sc, (sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 2 sc) 5 times, join rnd with sl st in first sc. Fasten off first half, do not fasten off second half. 30 sc

Weave in any ends.

Stuffing with a pool noodle for free round crochet christmas ornament from Hooked for Life.

#crochet #DIY #christmasornaments tip – use a slice of pool noodle inside your round ornaments! No stuffing pops out, it keeps its shape! #dollartree

♬ Christmas Music(863539) – Draganov89


Joining Rnd: Holding wrong sides together, beginning with the working loop of the second half and the most recent color used, sl st the two halves together, working trough the back loop (BLO) of the piece facing you and the front loop (FLO) of the piece away from you.

Make sure to insert your pool noodle slice, or stuffing, when you are halfway around!

When the Joining Rnd is complete, ch 20, fasten off.

Using a tapestry needle, use the final tail to tack the chain into a hanger loop. Weave in that last end and all done!

Joining for free round crochet christmas ornament from Hooked for Life.

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