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Triple S Scarf

It’s Scrappy, it’s Stretchy and it’s Skinny – it’s the Triple S Scarf to crochet!

While this is more of a recipe than a pattern, I did the work so you don’t have to – you can use any scraps you have and get a beautiful scarf, shawl or even a blanket!

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I began this project by wanting to really do a deep dive into my stash and stick to the brief of the 2022 Holiday Stashdown, hosted by CAL Central, which this pattern is a part of.

The two techniques you are really going to need are foundation half double crochet, and half double crochet in the horizontal/third bar.

I knew that my first yarn was 40 yards of fingering weight yarn because it was part of an advent calendar and it had a label. I decided to leave about 10” of yarn before I started my foundation row so I could fringe my scarf at the ends instead of having to weave in two million ends. So to get the size I just made my foundation row until there was only 10” left.

So here is the written pattern for the scarf in the photo but again, the cool part of this is that you can use this technique to make any kind of a square or rectangular project in any weight of yarn you want.

Finished Size: 2” x 92” but it is probably not finished yet!

Materials: Approximately 320 yds sock/fingering weight yarn

Crochet hook size G/4.00mm gauge is not critical for this pattern but you want the fabric to have some drape and elasticity.


Beginning about 10” – 12” from your cut edge, place a slip knot on your hook.

Row 1: Work Foundation Half Double Crochet until you get the length you want, or only have about 10” – 12” left. End off and turn work.

Row 2: Beginning about 10” – 12” from your cut edge on a new color, place a slip knot on your hook. Work half double crochet in the horizontal/third bar all the way across. Add new yarn if you run out of yarn mid-row; cut your yarn about 10” – 12” from the end of the row if you have yarn left at the end of the row.

Rep Row 2 for pattern until you run out of scraps, or get the size that you want!

At the end, knot your ends into groups of 5 and trim all ends even.

Crochet half double crochet in the horizontal or third bar shown in bulky weight yarn from Hooked for Life
Here is the same stitch in a bulky weight!

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Free crochet pattern Triple S Scarf from Hooked for Life, using foundation half double crochet and hdc in third bar.

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