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Adjustable Crochet Necklace – Fidelma

This is SO simple to make, and you can get several out of one skein of yarn! The bead in the back means you can easily adjust the size and take it from choker to statement piece.

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Finished Size: Adjustable and easily modified


Ribbon or Ladder yarn – model shown in Bernat Suede-ish n the colorway Cypress.

Crochet hook size N/10.00mm

Glass bead with large opening. I purchased mine at Joann but have discovered if you are searching online you get the best results with “Pandora style bead”

Small crochet hook that fits through bead opening


Strand: Make 6

Make a slip knot about 18” from the cut end of your yarn leaving a long tail, with the large hook chain 32 (you can adjust as desired but if you do, note how many chains you made so you can make each strand the same), cut and end off, leaving a long tail equal to the one you began with.


Line up the six strands so the chains begin and end together. Tie an overhand knot (not too tight!) at the start of the chains.

Separate the six strands into three groups of two. Braid until you reach the other end of the chains and tie another overhand knot.


Using the smaller crochet hook, draw six strands from one side through the opening of the bead.

Using the smaller crochet hook, draw the other six strands through the opening of the bead in the opposite direction.

The yarn tails will fit snugly in the bead but the bead should still be able to move.

Trim all the tails to be more or less even, and tie each group of six in an overhand knot about one inch from the cut ends. This knot is just there to keep the strands from pulling all the way out of the bead.

The end! You are all finished!


Super soft crochet necklace with adjustable length. #crochet #crochetersoftiktok #learntocrochet #easycraft @yarnspirations

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  1. This is just lovely just watched your video ( thank you for that ) I am going to check out this yarn I think my daughter would enjoy a necklace like this for her wardrobe.
    Again thank you

  2. I just love this necklace and now that I have cool beads what out what you for this pattern and video

  3. I am so sorry meant to say watch out …its too early in the morning and kind of cold here ..and think also wanted to say thank you 🙂

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