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Extra Large Fidget Toy to Crochet

I have seen a bunch of tiny crochet fidget toy patterns, and those are great for stealth fidgeting, but I got interested in making a bigger, fluffier one! Because of the mobius construction you can pull the ruffle through the center opening – well, forever.

Crochet pattern for an extra large fidget toy. Pattern from Hooked for Life.

This type of crochet fidget toy has a couple of extra benefits – it’s soft and pretty, quiet to pay with, unbreakable, and washable when you make it in acrylic yarn like I did!

If you are looking for the small, pocket sized version, check out this other post!

Finished Size: Approximately 6 1/2” wide x 4” tall.


1 skein Red Heart Super Saver Stripes in the Retro Stripes colorway

Crochet Hook size 4.50mm or size needed to create a firm fabric. Gauge not critical for this pattern.

Locking stitch marker


Ch-3 counts as 1 dc

Fun crochet fidget toy - free pattern from Hooked for Life Publishing

Crochet Fidget Toy Pattern:

Ch 17

Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. 15 dc

Rnd 1: Set up to work in the round in a Mobius (see videos if needed) by joining in the bottom of Row 1, adding a 180 degree twist. Ch 3, place marker in that st, put 2 more dc in the same sp as the rnd join, 3 dc in (bottom) of each of next 14 dc, continue the round by working in the top of Row 1, placing 3 dc in each dc. Join rnd with sl st in marked st. 90 dc

Note: Now is a good time to weave in your starting tail, closing the gap between the first and last dc in the round if there is one. It will be hard to reach later.

Rnds 2- 3: Ch 3, place marker in that st, work 2 more dc in same sp as rnd join, 3 dc in each dc around. Join rnd with sl st in marked st. 270 dc after Rnd 2, 810 dc after Rnd 3.

Rnd 4: Dealers choice on edging – see video for three options – but the toy in the photos was simply sl st in each st around.

End off, weave in ends.

Free crochet pattern for Extra Large Fidget Toy from Hooked for Life Publishing.

15 thoughts on “Extra Large Fidget Toy to Crochet”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! I made one for my first grade class! It’s a wonderful fidget that’s quiet and the kiddos love it!

  2. Made one and started a second. They really eat up the yarn I had no idea how to use. My friend will bring them to special care units for people with some dementia.
    Thanks for the pattern.

  3. Could this be used as a shower scrubbie if made in cotton or scrubbie yarn? Or would it not dry very well?
    Love the pattern and your colors

      1. Thank you we are pretty humid here too. I still may make one but not for the shower. Hubby and son are tactile people.
        Thanks again!!!!

    1. To make a smaller widget, by how many stitches do I change. The loop? Or how is a smaller one made for young children?

  4. I was just wondering how large you can actually make one of these? Can it be as big as you want?

  5. Elementary Schools are begging for fidget toys, so I’m making these as fast as I can. Everyone loves them and I really enjoy making them. The first time I took a batch over to donate, I learned that it wasn’t just the children who wanted them; people on the staff asked if I would also make them for the adults. It’s like a vast cosmic void. My yarn scraps are being sucked in at an impressive rate! Thanks!

  6. I am using a big FAT yarn. What adjustments should I make? Can I put only 2 DC in each stitch? # is super difficult to squeeze in. Will it still make a ball or will it be too flat?

    1. I haven’t tried it with big fat yarn but my instinct is the math would still math because of the ratios. I am not 100% sure though – you may end up with a basketball! Maybe increase the first row/opening size.

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