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Crochet Two Color Cord – Shoelaces and More!

You can use a crochet two color cord as the base for a project, a shoelace, drawstring, hair tie, or anything else you can think of! It is super easy to learn, and can also be a great way to crochet up your scraps.

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You can make these in any sorts of materials you have around – for the ones in the photo I used some lightweight cotton (It may have been Patons Grace but I don’t see the labels in my stash – sorry!), and a 4.5mm hook.

When choosing your materials you want to think about the resulting thickness. If I had used a worsted weight in the video, for example, the cord may have been too thick for the eyelets in the boots.

To begin, make a slip knot on your hook using both colors/strands held together.

Hold one strand towards you and one away from you – you may tension differently than I did in the photos and that is fine!

1: Insert your hook down between the two strands and yarn over the closer color from front to back.

Beginning of two color crochet cord from Hooked for Life Publishing

2: Make a regular yarn over with the farther strand and draw through all loops on hook. Only that first slip knot will have both strands together.

Making crochet two color cord from Hooked for Life Publishing

That is all there is to it! Keep repeating steps 1 and 2 until your cord is the length you wish it to be.

To end off, cut both strands leaving enough tail to weave in later, draw both strands through your last working loop and pull tight.

Here is what your finished cord will look like –

Two color crochet cord front view
Side facing you
Top view crochet two color cord
Top view – you could stitch right on this!
Alt view crochet two color cord from Hooked for Life Publishing
Side away from you

If you are going to use the cords for shoelaces like I did, I found it easiest to put the tails on a tapestry needle, use that to lace up the boots, then weave in the tails after the book was laces – just because those ends are thick and squishy so they aren’t easy to get through the eyelets.

Speaking of weaving in ends – I don’t find weaving in ends on the cord as it stands alone to be especially sturdy so depending on how I was planning on using them, I might instead add a few more strands of yarn to each end and tie all the ends – including my starting and finishing ends – into tassels.

Learn how to make two color crochet cord in any yarn for shoelaces, hair ties, drawstrings, etc!

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