Staircase Shawlette

I find myself purchasing sets of sock yarn minis whenever I see a color grouping that calls to me, but then I am never quite sure what to do with them afterwards – thus this crochet shawl for mini skeins, the Staircase , was born.

It is worked side to side and has a stair stepped edging made by adding a pattern repeat every few rows.

This is a premium pattern, currently available on Ravelry.

Crochet Shawl for mini skeins - premium pattern from Hooked for Life.

I used 460 yds of sock weight yarn – I had a gorgeous mini set from Jems Luxe Fibers languishing in my stash so I went to town. (I am not an affiliate I just loved it when I saw it so I bought it!).

While it was designed to work in five minis it would also look interesting in scrap yarn, and you could use the smaller scraps on the shorter rows with larger scraps in the middle. Or even a single full skein!

Side view crochet shawl mini skeins, the Staircase Shawlette, paid pattern from Hooked for Life Publishing.

The pattern itself is easy to modify as well. It is written in two halves, and increase section and a decrease section. If you have a different amount of yarn to hand, or want a different sized shawl, you can simply work the increase section for as many repeats as you need to, or slightly less than half your desired project (or amount of yarn) then switch to the decrease section until you are back to one pattern block.

I would say this crochet shawl pattern for mini skeins is suited for confident or adventurous beginners. Not really intermediate because once you get the hang of the lace repeat it is very intuitive, but not a great first project for a brand new beginner.

The most interesting stitch is a front post 3 together, which adds textural depth to a yarn that already has some luscious depth of color.

Stitch pattern crochet shawl mini skeins Staircase Shawlette, premium pattern from Hooked for Life Publishing.
Staircase Shawlette pattern by Hooked for Life, perfect for mini sock yarn sets. Available on Ravelry.

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