Little Ghost Key Charm

This adorable crochet ghost bag charm can keep your key safe from things that go bump in the night! Make a loop the size shown to use as a bag charm, or make it lanyard length to put around the neck of your favorite costume part goer!

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This post is part of the CAL Central Halloween Crochet Along 2023. For more information click on the image below!


Small amount white worsted weight yarn (CYCA 4, Medium)

Crochet hook size H/8/5.00mm or size needed for a pleasing fabric. Gauge is not critical for this pattern

Locking stitch marker

Small amount black embroidery floss

1 1/4” round split key ring

Lanyard clip

Tapestry needle

Ghost Bag Charm

Ch 4, join into a ring with sl st in first ch.

Rnd 1: Ch 1, 12 sc in ring. Place marker on last st of rnd, move up with each subsequent rnd. 12 sc

Rnd 2: (2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc) 6 times. 18 sc

Rnd 3: Sc in each sc around.

Rep Rnd 3 for pattern until work measures approximately 3”.


Rnd 1: (Sc in next sc, sk 2 sc, 5 dc in next sc, sk 2 sc) 3 times, join rnd with sl st in first sc. End off.


Using tapestry needle and black embroidery floss, embroider eyes as shown in photo. I embroidered over the 5th rnd of stitching with 3 sts between the eyes.


For bag charm make a ch approximately 15” long; 36” – 40” if you prefer to wear it around your neck.


Weave in all ends.

Clip lanyard clip onto keyring.

Insert keyring into ghost, pushing lanyard clip out through the ch-4 ring at the top.

Thread the chain through the lanyard clip and finish into a loop.

Tie an overhand knot at the top of the loop to prevent it coming out when the key is used.

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