Round Basket Base for Crochet and Knit – Aluminum


8″ round aluminum basket base for crocheting and knitting custom baskets. Made in the USA!

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8" Round Aluminum Basket Base for Crochet and Knitting

They’re finally back in stock and now made in the USA! $21.99 including shipping in USA

8″ aluminum circle for use in crochet and knitting baskets. Hammered finish, with 48 equidistant holes. These are commercially made (right here in North Carolina!), not homemade. This size/shape is also available in Masonite, and we have some other sizes and shapes in the works so stay tuned!

Video tutorials available on crocheting a basket (these show a different brand of base but I can no longer reliably get them, thus the new ones!) –

and detailing various possible finishes.

The new manufacturer suggested the aluminum with a buffed/hammered finish. When I picked them up I expressed slight disappointment that they looked a little more industrial/not quite as unblemished as I had expected – I think I was thinking of more of a mirror finish, which this definitely is not. He suggested I experiment with spray paint, and the one that really worked for me is Rustoluem 2X Spray Paint. I have seen in chain craft stores and general merchandise stores too – it was recommended to me by the helpful local hardware store guys. I used two coats just to be sure but it looked fine after one – that’s the turquoise circle one in from the right on the photo below.

It leaves a super shiny finish and comes in a ton of colors, which is great. I will say, from experience, that you really, truly need to let it get good and dry overnight before you yarn on it! I got over excited and rushed and wound up with fingerprints in the finish the first time I tried!

Because they are aluminum they are waterproof with or without a topcoat. And they are HEAVY so would be great for use outdoors near the pool or barbecue, or with a tall, sculptural basket that might need some weight to counter balance the piece.

Basket Bases for crochet and knit shown in various materials and finishes from Hooked for Life

A lot of folks use these with t-shirt yarn but anything bulky would work – the possibilities are endless!

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × .125 in


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