Ultramarine Scarf to Crochet

This is one of my favorite single crochet stitch variations in which trios of single crochet stitches hang out on top of each other, giving densely textured stitches with both vertical and horizontal interest. This post may contain affiliate links. This scarf is part of the Scarf of the Month CAL. This year-long event is… Continue reading Ultramarine Scarf to Crochet


Woodfire Square to Knit

  The thick textured pattern of the stitching as well as the smooth transition of the browns and oranges of the yarn made me think of an outdoor bonfire - thus the name! It’s a plush feeling square and will be a great addition to any knit square blanket. This square is part of the… Continue reading Woodfire Square to Knit


Bellis Cancellos Keyhole Scarf

  This gorgeous knit scarf takes good advantage of the depth of color in this alpaca yarn. The stitch, which is a modified staggered Daisy or Marguerite Stitch, offers a ton of texture which also allows the colors in the yarn to come through and shine.   This post is part of the Autumn Accessories… Continue reading Bellis Cancellos Keyhole Scarf


Leather and Denim Knit Crossbody Bag

  Sometimes when you are “doodling” with yarn and supplies, the resulting fabric just tells you what it wants to be. (And sometimes it fights with you which is a whole different blog post! ) I introduce to you the Leather and Denim Crossbody Bag. It has sort of an upcycled jeans quality about it… Continue reading Leather and Denim Knit Crossbody Bag


Melodeon Cowl

This soft squishy cowl made in three colors of a luscious merino wool is simple to knit in the round. The characteristics of the knit fabric make the alternating bands of color/stitches draw together in a squishy accordion pattern, or it could be blocked flat. Keeping it squishy, though, means it can be worn in… Continue reading Melodeon Cowl