Sewing / Embroidery

Easy to Sew Reversible Baby Bibs

These are so simple to make you will find yourself making a stack of them for the smaller people in your life, or to take to showers as gifts, or even donations. The free downloadable PDF is available in two sizes to fit everyone on your list! This pattern is part of the Baby SAL… Continue reading Easy to Sew Reversible Baby Bibs

Sewing / Embroidery

Rustic Flannel Christmas Tree Ornament to Sew

I started upcycling flannel shirts recently and I just can’t seem to stop! I have made tote bags, cuff bracelets, and hairbands, and today when I wanted to create a project to help my good friends at Fairfield celebrate their 80th birthday, this little Christmas tree looked like a great use of a random sleeve!… Continue reading Rustic Flannel Christmas Tree Ornament to Sew

Sewing / Embroidery

Upcycled Flannel Shirt Pillow

This is a super quick project to sew up, whether you are using a thrift shop find or a shirt belonging to a favorite friend or family member. Plaid is all the rage for home decor this year and plaid shirts come in a huge range of colors and patterns so you can easily find… Continue reading Upcycled Flannel Shirt Pillow


Roy the Softie Rotary Cutter

Honestly I don’t know what possessed me! Perhaps it was the many long hours I have spent in the last few weeks sewing face masks, which certainly meant I was spending a lot of quality time with my rotary cutter. But when I was gently reminded it was my time to participate in the CAL… Continue reading Roy the Softie Rotary Cutter

Sewing / Embroidery

Strawberry Cream Tiered Apron

Every year my good friends at FaveCrafts release a new pattern a day to celebrate National Craft Month, and this year is no exception. Check out all of the wonderful selections in a variety of craft techniques, but please note my very favorite, my Strawberry Cream Tiered Apron. Strawberry Cream is a half apron made… Continue reading Strawberry Cream Tiered Apron