Transitions: Make Pieces for Your Wardrobe That Are Perfect to Go From Summer To Fall

You know the drill folks - Another week, another round-up! This week's round-up is all about versatile and transitional pieces for your wardrobe that are perfect for when summer turns into fall. We got a lot of submissions for this blog as well so I hope you enjoy them all! Each pattern will say if… Continue reading Transitions: Make Pieces for Your Wardrobe That Are Perfect to Go From Summer To Fall


Rose Trellis Shawl to Knit

So soft and drapey, this lovely spring shawl is knit from side to side and is made up of garter stitch sections, an easy-to-learn lace pattern in the trellis sections and edgings, and a center panel of lace medallion roses. This gorgeous shawl is perfect for intermediate knitters and is just the thing to make… Continue reading Rose Trellis Shawl to Knit


Ornamental Shawlette to Crochet

I called this the Ornamental Shawlette because not only will it ornament your lovely body, but for some reason when I look at the stitch pattern it reminds me of Christmas ornaments hanging from the tree. The yarn even has a little glitter/tinsel to it!The directions call for a rectangle shape when finished to keep… Continue reading Ornamental Shawlette to Crochet


Telegraph Shawl

Part of the Celebrate Mom Blog Hop organized by Maria at Pattern Paradise! My mother was always making something - she sewed, knit, crocheted, painted. Her friend Joe always said "Hands of gold, Dor, you have hands of gold!" I don't know that she thought she was crafty as much as if she saw something… Continue reading Telegraph Shawl


Solna Shawl from Sweet Georgia Yarns

One of my favorite indie dyers on the planet is Felicia Lo and the crew at SweetGeorgia! The bases are luscious to stitch with, and while I am always a sucker for depth of color, Lo achieves colors you simply don't find anywhere else. So I present to you, the Solna Shawl. This post may… Continue reading Solna Shawl from Sweet Georgia Yarns


The Sensible Shawl Reboot!

It's finally available! On Ravelry here, will update with a LoveCrochet link when it's live there. I know I have been saying for weeks that this was coming out, but it's here, it's out! I am just delighted with it - I have always loved the shawl, which originally appeared in my Curvy Girl Crochet… Continue reading The Sensible Shawl Reboot!


Re-Release – Aquamarine Shawl to Knit

This is a piece I did for I Love Knitting online magazine. It's still available if you are a subscriber there, but if not, I can now offer it as a stand alone download. This post may contain affiliate links I would call this an intermediate knit - the stitches themselves aren't hard but it's… Continue reading Re-Release – Aquamarine Shawl to Knit


A New Look – One Step at a Time Shawl (crochet)

When one starts a pattern design company it's all about hitting a critical mass of patterns - you want to show the breadth of your genius, make up all the designs that have been swimming in your head, use all the yarns! Now that Hooked for Life is, shall we say, mature (at almost ten… Continue reading A New Look – One Step at a Time Shawl (crochet)