Granny Tee

This adorable crochet granny square t-shirt is perfect for wear between the seasons. Three different squares are made in a join-as-you-go style for minimal finishing at the end. The edgings can be made with or without the picots, and the tee features a boat neck and short sleeve. This post may contain affiliate links. If… Continue reading Granny Tee

Free crochet bandana pattern from Hooked for Life Publishing
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Crochet Bandana Pattern – Lizzy’s Bandana

This crochet triangle bandana pattern alternates solid rows with mesh rows for an airy look, which is accentuated by the watercolor look of the yarn shading from one color family to the next. Make any size bandana you like - or buy plenty of yarn, keep crocheting, and you will wind up with a shawl!… Continue reading Crochet Bandana Pattern – Lizzy’s Bandana

Free crochet pattern preemie cocoon and hat - Orange You Glad I’m Here from Hooked for Life Publishing.
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Crochet Preemie Cocoon and Hat Pattern – Orange You Glad I’m Here

This sweet crochet preemie cocoon with matching preemie hat is simple to crochet in the round, with double crochet stitches separated into segments by front post treble stitches. Don’t fancy an orange? Use green for lime, yellow for lemon, or any color you like to just admire the texture without the citrus theme! This post… Continue reading Crochet Preemie Cocoon and Hat Pattern – Orange You Glad I’m Here

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Crochet Fidget Keychain with Beads

I seem to be on a crochet fidget kick recently, and was looking for something for the more mature folks who little to fiddle with something to calm their nerves. This simple beaded piece can be added to a key ring or lanyard as a decorative item, but the beads twirl when you move them… Continue reading Crochet Fidget Keychain with Beads

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Airy Tunic

This very simple free crochet tunic pattern is perfect for layering over anything from a tank top and leggings to a swimsuit. Changing hook sizes is a terrific way to work shaping into a complicated stitch pattern so you don’t have to fiddle with too much increasing or decreasing in pattern. Thanks to HB my… Continue reading Airy Tunic

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Free Crochet Heart Scarf Pattern – Ashes of Roses

  I have always loved the colors of rose and gray together and think they work particularly well in this scarf. In this free crochet scarf pattern, rose colored hearts alternate with gray panels of a simple yet more textured shape. The scarf is made in two halves so that when you are wearing it,… Continue reading Free Crochet Heart Scarf Pattern – Ashes of Roses

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Extra Large Fidget Toy to Crochet

I have seen a bunch of tiny crochet fidget toy patterns, and those are great for stealth fidgeting, but I got interested in making a bigger, fluffier one! Because of the mobius construction you can pull the ruffle through the center opening - well, forever. This type of crochet fidget toy has a couple of… Continue reading Extra Large Fidget Toy to Crochet

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Comfy Cozy Scarf

This simple two-row repeat makes the Comfy Cozy Scarf a snap to stitch up. Use an alpaca blend yarn as I did here for extra warmth and texture. This is a free crochet pattern with a video tutorial! There may be affiliate links in this post. If you make a purchase using a link I… Continue reading Comfy Cozy Scarf

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Windy City Toddler Coat

A classic style made in alternating rows of single and double crochet stitches, this toggle front cardigan features a shell stitch edging and an adorable granny square closure. Keep your little one warm on a chilly afternoon with this charming free crochet pattern for toddler sizes 2, 4 and 6. All photos (c) Publishing.… Continue reading Windy City Toddler Coat