Trio Knit Cowl in Mountain Meadow Wool

I love this wool! Love the natural colors, love that it has a just a little sheepy goodness in it so it’s rustic looking but not crunchy and uncomfortable to wear. It was a joy to knit. I want to make a hat to go with it soon! Free pattern below –

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Finished Size: 13″ tall x 30″ in circumference after blocking

Materials: Approx 400 yds sport weight yarn (CYCA 2, Fine) in equal amounts of three colors. Model shown in 1 skein each Mountain Meadows Wool Tweeds Sport in Flint (A), Shale (B) and Gypsum (C)

Circular knitting needle, 29″ in length or shorter, size 5/3.75mm or size needed to obtain gauge

Stitch marker

Tapestry needle

Gauge: 16 sts x 32 rows = 4″ in patt st after blocking


With A, cast on 126 sts. Set up for knitting in the round, being careful not to twist sts. Place marker to denote beg of round.
Section One:

(Purl 1 rnd, knit 1 rnd) 3 times for border.

Rnd 1: *K3, yo, sk2p, yo. Rep from * around.

Rnd 2 and remaining even numbered rnds. Knit.

Rnds 3 – 6: Rep Rnds 1 – 2.

Rnd 7: *Yo, sk2p, yo, k3. Rep from * around

Rnds 9 – 16: Rep Rnds 7 – 8.

Rnds 17 – 22: Rep Rnds 1 – 2.

(Purl 1 rnd, knit 1 rnd) 3 times for border. End off.

Section Two:

Rep all of Section One with color B.

Section Three:

Rep all of Section One with color C.

Weave in all ends, block.
Free knit pattern for the Trio Cowl, in Mountain Meadow Wool. Knit in the round with a simple lace stitch.

18 thoughts on “Trio Knit Cowl in Mountain Meadow Wool”

    1. Ok, I must be doing something wrong.
      Rnd 1: K3,yo,sk2p,yo……..this decreases stitches……if sk2p is meant for decrease by knitting (pearling) 2 together.

  1. Made this cowl, Is there a mistake in the pattern? way too short.Pattern says to cast on 126 sts. Is that a misprint?

  2. Oh! I’m almost finished! It’s just beautiful! Thank you!
    Now, there’s just about enough yarn left for a cute matching hat. Pretty please?
    Thank you for the very fun pattern!

  3. I just got this kit for Christmas! I have one question. When it says to cast on 126, does that mean there will be 125 stitches after the join, or should I CO 127 so there will be 126 working stitches? Thanks!

      1. Hi – I sent this question the other day but haven’t seen a response so I’m re-sending in case it didn’t get delivered. How does one avoid a row of mixed color stiches when transitioning between colors, e.g., Row 29, which is a purl row? Your model doesn’t have a mixed color stitch row, but I notice some of the finished projects in Ravelry do. Mine does, based on following the instructions correctly (I think 🙂 Thanks!

        1. Sorry I didn’t see this the last time you posted! I wrote the pattern how I made it and I did not get a row of mixed color stitches. It seems to me if the purl round builds the first half of the visible garter stitch and the knit round takes it off the needles, if you begin the color change with a purl round you shouldn’t have a mixed row. Have I lost my mind? It’s possible! I will take a look tomorrow and again, sorry I didn’t see you comment the first time you posted it.

          1. I had the same problem as Susan Johnson. I finished the first color with the 6 purl/knit round ending with a knit row in the first color. If I start the second color with a purl row, I end up with a mixed color row.
            Do I need to insert a knit row (ie. Have two knit rows together) in between the two different colored sections?

  4. I have tried to print the free pattern on ravelry for the Trio Knit Cowl by Mary Beth Temple but there is something with the page because when I try to print all that comes up are adds. How can I get this pattern?

  5. Beautiful pattern, thanks so much for sharing! Can you tell me, is the Sl 1 that is part of the decrease is slipped P-wise or K-wise? Being the next stitch is knit, I’m going to assume knit-wise, but was just wondering. Thanks again.

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