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And the coolest basket bases for crocheters on the planet!

Crochet Basket Kit available in three colors with round wooden base, cotton yarn with lurex sparkle, and pattern.

Some of you may remember the last time I was on Hochanda in late February I had kits with these very cool wooden bases that you can use to create baskets and bags with a solid, water-resistant base. Well now they are here in the US!

Seriously, I love these basket bases. I have designed one pattern with them, which you get if you purchase the kit on Etsy but you can also easily just design your own once you have checked out the video tutorial.

Want to make your own basket without using my yarn or pattern? You can purchase just the basket bases Here.

Round wooden basket base for crocheters, available from Hooked for Life Publishing.

It is 8″/20 cm in diameter, is made of a lightweight laminated wood, and has 48 pre-cut holes in it so you can crochet right on to it. I did my first round with a 5.50mm hook and then jumped up to a 9.00mm but you can learn more about the details on the video.

I would love to see what kinds of things you guys come up with so share if you try one out with stash yarn. I think almost any kind of yarn would do, but you will want the resulting fabric to be stiff after it’s stitched so the sides of the basket stand up on their own.

There are other products coming from the same company – they are all up on Etsy now but I don’t want to write a 20 page blog post selling things so I think I will tease you with the links below, and post again next week. I haven’t gotten the yarn up in the Ravelry database yet but that’s next on my list. You can add it to your Ravelry queue Here

Charles Voth was on Getting Loopy this past week – it was an interesting show. One of the things we talked about was people wanting an entire pattern included in a video, which I had never tried before. This basket video is a trial of that so let me know how I did, if you are following along with your own project.

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