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Encompass Cowl – Knit with Crochet Bobbles!

I love the look of bobbles in some knit accessories but find the process of knitting them tedious – back and forth, back and forth, on a teeny number of stitches every time you want one.

Of course you could learn to knit backwards (yes that is a thing and yes it can help) but honestly it is so much faster to just put them in with a crochet hook – even if you are not a big crocheter!

So I present to you the Encompass Cowl, titled because it encompasses techniques in both knit and crochet. I whipped it up in an evening with one skein of Berroco Aero.

Finished Size: 8” tall x 36” in circumference


160 yds fluffy Bulky weight yarn (CYCA 5, Bulky). Model shown in one skein Berroco Aero (65% alpaca/28% nylon/7% wool; 164 yds/50g) in color #8018 Breeze

NOTE Aero has been discontinued – I think Universal Yarns Cassatt would make a nice substitution although you would need 2 skeins (affiliate link)

Circular knitting needle 29” long, size US 13/9 mm or size needed to obtain gauge

Crochet hook size L/11/8.0mm Crochet gauge is not critical but you want something a tad bit smaller than the knitting needle you use for gauge

Tapestry needle

Gauge: 10 sts x 14 rows = 4” in st st


Cowl is knit on a multiple of 10 stitches. To make it more close fitting you can remove stitches in multiples of 10, to make it looser add stitches in multiples of 10. If you add stitches you may need a second skein of yarn.


Ch – chain

Dc2tog – double crochet 2 together

K – knit

MB – make bobble

Rep – repeat

St – stitch

Yo – yarn over – in crochet it is from back to front over the hook

Special Stitch:

Bobble: Insert crochet hook into next st on left-hand needle so it doesn’t drop, and take it off left hand needle. Ch 3, dc2tog in same st. Place st on right hand needle and knit the next stitch as instructed, in the usual fashion.

Chain: There is 1 loop on your crochet hook, bring the working yarn over the crochet hook from back to front (yo made, 2 loops on hook), use the hook to pull the loop you just made through the existing loop on the hook. You are back to 1 loop on your hook.

Dc2tog: There is 1 loop on your crochet hook, bring the working yarn over the crochet hook from back to front (yo made, 2 loops on hook) insert hook in the same st that you chained from, yo, draw through the st, (3 loops on hook), yo, draw through 2 loops on hook (2 loops on hook) yo, draw through 2 loops on hook (1 loop on hook remains).


Cast on 90 sts. Set up for working in the round, being careful not to twist stitches. Place marker to denote beginning of round.

Rnds 1 – 3: *K1, p1. Rep from * around.

Rnds 4 – 6: Knit.

Rnd 7: *K4, MB, k5. Rep from * around.

Rnds 8 – 10: Knit.

Rnd 11: *K9, MB. Rep from * around.

Rnds 12 – 26: Rep Rnds 4 – 11, then Rnds 4 – 10 once more.

Rnds 27 – 29: Rep Rnd 1.

Bind off in pattern.


Weave in ends.

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