Last Round-Up of June: 5 Adorable Crochet Patterns for Your Dog!

Alysha here again, social media manager and occasional blog post writer for Hooked For Life. June is almost over and it’s another Friday so that means another Round-Up post! If you’ve been following along from the beginning, you know that June’s theme is wacky national holidays. If this is your first time seeing June’s Round-Up posts, well then now you know! So what wacky holiday is on June 25th you may ask? For us pet lovers, it’s probably one of the best: National Bring Your Dog To Work Day! Since I do a lot of freelance work from home (like this for example) my dog is technical “already at work” with me but I’ve always been jealous of those who are allowed to bring their dogs into the office. And maybe you don’t have a dog of your own but have experienced the joy of someone else’s dog hanging out with you in the office. It’s like they know it’s their job to demand pets and love to brighten your day! So in honor of “man’s best friend,” I have 5 Crochet Patterns for your dog to share with you today. Make them for your own pooch or as a gift to your favorite four-legged office buddy!

Each pattern will link back to the original creator so be sure to check them out on their socials and see what other things they offer! Let’s get started:

The Perfect Crochet Blanket for Every Dog Lover by MadameStitch – Paid Crochet Pattern

You have your blankets and the dog can get theirs! Everyone deserves to be warm and comfy.

Crochet Dog Bandana Pattern: SWAG by NineInspired – Free Crochet Pattern

Rest assured, you’ll have the hippest hound on the block when you make this funny crochet dog bandana pattern.

Crochet Dog Bandana by Golden Lucy Crafts – Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet Dog Bandana is easy to make and could be finished in one evening. Use some bright and beautiful color for this bandana and your dog will look cute, stylish and will attract the attention of everybody when you take your pet for a walk!

Crochet Dog Collar and Headband by Golden Lucy Crafts – Free Crochet Pattern

Although these crochet pet accessories are originally for a large-sized dog, the pattern can be easily adapted to any size. The cute headband can also be worn 2 ways – as a headband or as a collar!

Cabled Dog Sweater by A Crocheted Simply – Free Crochet Pattern

Admit it, we all have the urge to put our dogs in cute sweaters and now you can get a pattern to make one!

And there you have it! Some adorable crochet patterns for your canine buddies! Please be sure to check out all these amazing crafters and give them some love.

Which one of these projects do you want to make first?! If you make any of these, tell me about it in the comments or on Facebook and Instagram! ALSO, give your furry friends some love for me today, okay?

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