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Roar! Flannel Pajama Bag

I think it’s because I am a Leo but I have loved things with lions on them for…ever. I snagged these two cute prints from a Stax package of fat quarters and went to town!

Reversible, with a patch pocket, and a drawstring top (that you could close with snaps or hook and loop tape if you prefer), it’s perfect to pack pjs or a change of clothes for your small person, and since it’s washable, you can use it to carry soiled items and toss the whole thing in the laundry if you like!


Cotton flannel fabric. I used 3 fat quarters but followers of this blog will know I am a stasher of fat quarters so I like to use them up when I can. Cut list below.

Coordinating thread.

1 1/2 yds drawstring cord OR 10″ hook and loop tape OR 5 – 7 large snaps for closure.

Cut List:

2 pieces, 1 each in two prints, 22″ x 12″

4 pieces 6″ squares, 2 each in the main prints above

2 pieces 11″ x 5″ for Top Band

Pockets: Make 2

With Right Sides facing, sew matching 6″ squares together along 3 sides.

Clip corners and turn.

Press under seam allowance on open side.

Place Pockets: Do twice

Pin contrasting pocket as shown in photo (centered on one side of bag) with the open side towards the bottom.

Topstitch into place on 3 sides, leaving top open for use.

Bag Body: Make 2

Fold body piece in half along 22″ side, sew along 3 sides, the fold the adjacent short side, and one opposite the fold. Clip corners, turn one right side out, leave the other wrong side out.

Insert one bag inside the other so you have right sides facing you and the inside of the bag. Set aside.

Top Band:

With Right Sides facing, sew two side seams. Press open.

Top stitch all four seam allowances, close to the seam line.

Mark with pin or chalk: 1 1/4″ in from side edge, then 3/4″ from that pin, then 1″ from previous pin, then 3/4″ from previous pin.

Lock stitch at each pin mark. Cut threads between the 1st and second, and 3rd and 4th pins for drawstring opening.

Final Assembly:

Lining up side seams, pin Top Band into place, with Right Side against outer Right Side of bag body, aligning raw edges. Stitch through all layers. Trim seam.

Press up seam allowance on remaining raw edge of Top Band.

Press Top Band in half, wrong sides facing, so folded seam allowance lines up with previous seam, enclosing the raw edges of the Bag Body. Top stitch into place.

Cut drawstring cord in half. Thread each half through top band, starting at opposite sides, then knot into place.

Note: My drawstring cord was a little too thick – it went through fine but if you are going to reverse the bag, you need the knot to be able to pop through the openings in the Top Band and mine was a tad bit too thick! So do as I say, not as I did on this one 🙂

Trim threads and you are all finished!

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