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Rustic Flannel Christmas Tree Ornament to Sew

I started upcycling flannel shirts recently and I just can’t seem to stop! I have made tote bags, cuff bracelets, and hairbands, and today when I wanted to create a project to help my good friends at Fairfield celebrate their 80th birthday, this little Christmas tree looked like a great use of a random sleeve!… Continue reading Rustic Flannel Christmas Tree Ornament to Sew


Purple Plaid Afghan Square

I have a thing for plaids - knit, crochet, stitched in designs, surface embellished - I just love plaids! So here's a pattern for a single crochet block that you can use either as part of a larger project, or that you can make an entire throw out of which extends the plaid pattern out… Continue reading Purple Plaid Afghan Square